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  Thursday, July 19, 2018    


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MPI-CAC: Pecha Kucha Summer Education and Networking Event Recap

Posted by: Amanda Masters, White Lodging on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 12:00:00 am

It was a busy hour at MPI-CAC’s Summer Education event which took place at the beautiful Kimpton Grey Hotel in early August.  Formatted as a Pecha Kucha session, 7 industry presenters were given the opportunity to share their knowledge by talking through 20 images, each for 20 seconds.  Why the strict format? We are an industry that likes to talk! This way we could reign in on the topics, and cover a lot of ground.

  1. Meet Greg, 100 Sunsets. Greg has traveled around taking pictures of a 100 sunsets.  Why? Trying to get others to see the importance of mindfulness and single-tasking.  His suggestions for living in the moment; schedule a walk, listen to your breath, or take a picture of the sunset.

  2. Meet Phil, honing in on the importance of technology at meetings. Have you ever been on your phone and your computer and your iPad and your Apple Watch all at the same time? So have your meeting attendees.  Phil understands the anxiety disconnection causes attendees and urges meeting planners, or event strategists, as he likes to call them; to offer charging stations, charging furniture, and charging lounges at meetings and events.  

  3. Meet Sasha, guru of retention and productivity hacks. Sasha spent 4 months working remote in Asia, would you let your employee do that?  It may be the way of the future if you are looking to retain your millennial employees.  Flex hours, wellness programs, and volunteer opportunities are what millennials want.  Sasha’s quote, “Motivation doesn’t last, but neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”

  4. Meet Rebecca expert of professional and personal life hacks. As a new mom, Rebecca is trying to find a way to do it all. Some of her favorite tools include: bulletjournal.com, smartsheets.com, sorting your dishwasher as you load it, instacar.com, and wearing the same outfit every day.  No, that doesn’t mean wearing the same clothing articles every day, but having a basic uniform as a go to.  Hey, if Barack Obama and Drew Barrymore do it, there must be something to it!

  5. Meet Heather, content marketing professional. Heather can’t stress enough the importance of knowing your audience and determining your voice when creating a marketing plan.  She believes if content is king, then consistency is queen, but words have power.  The smallest words like “you, free, because, new, and instantly” draw a lot of attention, but at the end of the day, remember to KISS: keep it simple silly!

  6. Meet Bill, safe keeper of meeting attendees. One of the most important factors when planning your meeting; keeping your attendees safe.  Bill’s advice: ask questions!  Talk to the police departments, fire departments, homeland security, and insurance agencies; think about evacuation plans in case of an emergency and as always, if you see something, say something.

  7. Meet Meghan, international meeting planner extraordinaire. Culture, visas, passports, currency exchange, local language, local terms, oh my!  So many things to think about when planning abroad, but according to Meghan, have trust in and utilize CVB, DMC, and National Sales Teams.  Her biggest tip, have a translation booth available during registration and utilize the local cuisine to emerge meeting attendees with the local culture.

Special thanks to our sponsors who help made this event possible, the Kimpton Grey Hotel, DejaViews, and Kalahari Resorts.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next MPI-CAC Event!


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Visit This Valued MPI-CAC Partner


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