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The Tipping Point from Hero to Villain: When Supportive becomes Stubborn - Hero Habit #6: Pay It Forward

Posted by: Michael ‘Hahndo’ Hahn, Keynote Speaker & Author on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 12:00:00 am

Do you want to discover the driving force behind the key personality style that’s required in every customer centric organization? Or maybe you’re a lifetime learner who is looking for information to help you work better with others…Or maybe you want to understand others better, so you can achieve your goals more quickly…

Either way, here’s the scoop on that person who is always willing to listen and help out when things get crazy. The person who wants to know how you are feeling and is willing to do anything to be supportive. The person who believes in cooperation and wants to create a peaceful and harmonious environment…

These people don’t need to be in the spotlight or want the extra attention. They prefer to encourage and support others to help achieve their goals. And of course there is a tipping point from being relaxed and supportive to being meek and fearful. Sometimes these folks are so focused on avoiding conflict that they’ll miss opportunities to set necessary boundaries for them to perform at their best. They are soft spoken leaders who collaborate to achieve the goal with others.

Let’s learn more about this hero… This hero is supportive and relaxed. They love team situations, are responsive and need specific instructions. They are innovative problem solvers who prefer to initiate work and see project through till completion. Their leadership is more ‘behind the scenes’ and they tend to ‘think before talking’ through their ideas. They prefer cooperation, but when they succumb to stress, pressure, or just overuse their strengths, they shift from being the hero, ‘Zen Ninja’, and transform into being the villain ‘Craven’ who is stubborn, plodding and submissive. This villain withdrawals to avoid confrontation to seek revenge. But ultimately this style wants to be LIKED by others!!!

While Craven and Zen Ninja share the same objective, they go about it achieving it differently. To understand them, you need to know their Hero Habit: “PAY IT FORWARD”, but while Zen Ninja “PAYS IT FORWARD” for others, Craven “PAYS IT FORWARD” for herself. Craven becomes quiet and retreats to plan revenge instead of focusing on the core of the conflict.

They dislike emotional outbursts, overbearing styles and unexpected demands…

Want to know what makes them tick? Here’s a quick summary:

Zen Ninja is Relaxed and Supportive

Hero Traits:                 Considerate, Cooperative, Patient, Relaxed

Decision-Making:       Unhurried and/or Supportive

Communication:         Casual, Subtle or Soft-Spoken

Leadership:                 Methodical Planner and a Behind the Scenes Player

Approach to Change: Deliberate and/or Cautious

Best Environment:      Harmonious, Cooperative and Peaceful


Pet Peeves:        Emotional Outbursts and/or Overbearing Styles

Worst Environment: Unexpected Demands and Lack of Support

As you near the end of our time together, (this is part seven of our eight part series) the secret is to be able to identify which hero and villain you might be encountering in any given moment.

They journey from student to master begins with SELF awareness, then moves to understanding others, then to modifying your behaviors words and actions to match the other person. If done effectively, you will begin to appreciate their differences and leverage their diversity. Self-awareness allows you to know your own personal hero/villain tipping point and eliminate the triggers and cues that bring out the villain in others…

Keep practicing these skills until our next episode where I’ll reveal the innermost wants, fears and desires of our final hero. Until then… continue to Be the Hero!!!

Ready to BE THE HERO? For more information on Hero Habits, please visit www.MichaelHahnSpeaker.com or see you next edition where I’ll highlight the final Hero Habit #7:  Consult the Owl.



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