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Author Message
Sep 28, 2009 10:47 am
Use Online Video to Increase Your Business

Industry studies have shown that...

Video expedites buying decisions by 72% versus print and that six times as many people prefer a video to printed information.

• Recent case studies indicate that 97% of videos are watched at some point because of their high perceived value and that videos have staying power - unlike a print piece that will more often than not be trashed upon receipt.

• 94% of video direct-marketing recipients will pass your video along to another viewer.

• An obvious advantage of video over print is that video involves more of the senses; it sells

• Online Video is the key business differentiator for restaurants, meeting venues, and meeting suppliers wanting to effectively communicate their product profile and benefits within the shortest possible time. There is nothing else that comes close to the effectiveness and persuasion power of a well designed video message.

• Using video and the internet to better promote and qualify your products, while educating and entertaining your customers is one of the best approaches that you can use today to further increase your marketing effectiveness.

Jim Grillo, CMP is the President & Internet Marketing Specialist of Online Destination Companies, Inc. which owns and operates 500 online destination marketing resource directories globally to include http://www.hereschicago.com, Chicago’s online resource directory which reaches the desktops of meeting and event planners worldwide. Reach Jim at jim@hereschicago.com or (630) 916-8000 ext. 3.

Connect with us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jim.grillo
Connect with us on Linked in: http://www.linkedin.com/in/hereschicago
Follow us on Twitter: hereschicago@twitter.com

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Visit This Valued MPI-CAC Partner

Visit This Valued MPI-CAC Partner


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