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Two Factors You’re Forgetting When You Plan Your Event

Published: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 By: Julia-Kaye Rohlf, RGB Lights

Chances are that you can picture the event you are planning in your mind before the first vendor calls you back with pricing. Whether the event is a wedding, small outdoor concert, or a corporate meeting, you can visualize the ideal experience for the guests and how you want everything laid out at the venue. From the tables and centerpieces to the entertainment and food, you can see it all. However, there the effect of color on the human eye can quickly ruin the vivid masterpiece in your mind when it is translated into reality on the big day if you don't plan accordingly.

The first factor is that the same color can look different to different people, as BBC's Tom Stafford elegantly explained in his article "Do we all see the same colours?" If you are told that your client's corporate logo is red and you select red table cloths and matching lights only for the client to complain that they are too pink, that isn't necessarily your fault. One person's red is another person's pink and someone's deep purple is another person's red. Does this mean you should give up on trying to pick the perfect color or shade? Of course not. There are ways to match someone else's desired color as best you can without their eyes. But what happens when even the most elite of event planners is put in a situation where the color of the lights has to be changed at the last moment? Perhaps the color seems off or maybe someone simply changed his or her mind last minute. Though how often does someone change their mind when setup for an event is almost finished? Oh, right . . . often.

If last minute adjustments to color are needed with basic, fluorescent lights, getting new gels for the lights can be hard or even impossible depending on time restrictions. Changing the color of LEDs, on the other hand, can be as simple as turning the knob of a wireless dial or by swiping your finger across the screen of an app on your phone. LEDs and fluorescent lights each have their own benefits so be sure you know the benefits of each when ordering your lighting.

Lastly, when selecting the color of your lights, you'll want to be sure you are aware of what the light will be hitting. If you tell your lighting supplier that you want auburn lights for your event, but don't mention that the lights will be falling upon a brick wall instead of a white backdrop, the auburn will look different than you might expect. It is best to tell your lighting supplier what the light will be hitting whether it be brick, wood, concrete, brick, red paint, pink table cloths, or white curtains as they will all make the lighting look different.


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Visit This Valued MPI-CAC Partner


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