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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Slippery Slope from Hero to Villain: When Enthusiastic becomes Chaotic - Hero Habit #5: BE HERE

Posted by: Michael ‘Hahndo’ Hahn, Keynote Speaker & Author on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 12:00:00 am Comments (0)

You know that person in the office who brightens up the room when they walk in? They have a way of getting others to smile and laugh even when there is tension in the air? They lighten up the mood just by their presence. They know when to crack a joke and when to poke fun of themselves long enough to make the tough times more tolerable?

If you don’t know anyone like that, then you might be that person. These people love to be in the spotlight, they enjoy the attention and don’t mind if people laugh along the way. Don’t get me wrong, they have their moments and can sometimes share too much information, you know who I’m talking about. They are social creatures who love to be with others because that’s where they get their energy.

These heroes are outgoing and generalizing. They love to have fun! They’re proactive and have a big picture perspective. They are personal communicators who typically start conversations with small talk before getting down to business. They are the cheerleaders for the team and prefer to talk through their ideas.

They are enthusiastic and optimistic, but when they succumb to stress, pressure, or just overextend their strengths, they shift from being the hero, ‘Recognition Woman’ & ‘Recognition Man’, and transform into the evil villain ‘Energy Vampira’ or ‘Energy Vampire’. They become a sarcastic generalizer who craves recognition and blatantly disregards details. The secret is that this villain ultimately wants to be ADMIRED by others and fears a lack of prestige.

It’s funny how the hero and the villain both share the same objective, but they each go about achieving it quite differently. To understand them, you need to appreciate their personal mantra, their Hero Habit: “BE HERE”. Because while hero is “HERE” for others, the villain is “HERE” for themself. The villain is outspoken, sarcastic and makes biting remarks to vent and avoid facing the core issue.

They both love to be admired by others and dislike feeling left out. They are frustrated with too many details or when they begin to feel restricted.

Ready for a deep dive into what makes them tick? Here’s the quick summary:

Recognition Woman/Man is Outgoing and Generalizing

Hero Traits:  Sociable, Dynamic, Enthusiastic and Persuasive
Decision-Making:  Convincing, Enthusiastic and Broad Perspective
Communication: Personal, Persuasive and Informal
Leadership: Inspirational, Team Player and Delegator
Approach to Change: Optimistic, Trusting and Open Minded
Best Environment: Opportunistic, Independent and Friendly


Pet Peeves: Perfectionists and Being Left Out
Worst Environment: Isolation, Rejection and Bureaucracy

Here are my parting thoughts:

Our parents and teachers taught us The Golden Rule when we were growing up.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…”

It makes sense, when they were trying to help us stop from being self-centered brats, but by treating others like ourselves, we could be triggering their inner villain. What’s better that Gold? Platinum, that’s right…

That’s why The Platinum Rule has been created to help us take our awareness to the next level and begin to cater our words, actions, and behaviors to most resonate with our partner, peers and clients.

“Do unto others as they would have done unto them!”

Keep practicing these skills until our next episode where I’ll reveal the innermost wants, fears and desires of the next hero. Until then… Keep Being the Hero!!!

Ready to BE THE HERO? For more information on Hero Habits, please visit www.MichaelHahnSpeaker.com or see you next edition where I’ll highlight another Hero Habit #5:  BE HERE.


Ask the Expert – Get Involved and Get Known

Posted by: Ted Miller, HMCC, CHME, CHSP, CGTP, CGMP, Enterprise Holdings on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 12:00:00 am Comments (0)

A deep thinker once said “People Buy from People they Know and Trust” which has been the basis of all relationship buying decisions. The most important point though is that you must be known in order to be effective in any business relationship. People need to understand who you are and how important you are to their success.

Where our chapter of Meeting Professionals International has stood out is as the premier organization to build and create business relationships with people who are actively seeking new business partnerships. But to be effective you must be known to your potential audience by being very visible and approachable. This leads to the title of “Get Involved and Get Known” which should be your primary focus within our chapter.

Get Involved: There are two levels of involvement you should carefully consider being personal and business enhancement. The first being personal is get involved in a particular aspect of the organization which generally involves becoming part of a committee which offers an area of personal interest to you.  This allows you to identify people you want to know and gives you the opportunity to make a personal connection. You can expand your involvement and further penetrate the organization by adding your business commitment. This can be done through either a direct cash sponsorship so you further focus your efforts or through “In Kind” sponsorship which is also a very valuable tool for business development. The more you can keep your organization in front of the membership the more business opportunities will become available to you.

Get Known: Is about being consistently active within the organization. This where you use your personal and business commitments to grow your personal brand within the organization to generate a return on your time and sponsorship. For people who have been a consistent sponsor they get the opportunity to speak directly to the membership on a regular basis which gives them a distinct advantage when it comes to growing their business opportunities. Remember people buy from people they know and trust.  

Where you can further leverage your involvement and sponsorship is using membership endorsements of your business from members who have become your business partners. This is probably the best way of growing your business within the chapter. It also allows you to be known in other organizations where an existing member also has relationships.

Here is one final point you may not immediately recognize but it will become evident to you later. Based on your level of consistent involvement you may find people who know who you are but are people you may not have personally met yet. This is all part of building your personal and business brands within the organization. This also is how future business relationships can develop from people who are familiar with you from your involvement and can actively seek you out or be very willing to talk to you about creating a new business partnership. Get Involved, Get Known and Grow Your Business!

How to Boost Attendee Engagement at Your Next Event

Posted by: Beth DeFrates, Attendee Engagement on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 12:00:00 am Comments (0)

An event organizer can work extremely hard to organize the perfect event, but they will not be able to maximize the results and increase event growth if their attendees are not fully engaged. Here is a quick list of some ways to boost attendee engagement at your next event:  

Face-to-Face Time
No matter how advance the technology, face-to-face is never going away in the event industry. One of the biggest opportunities an event can provide are real networking experiences. You can help support individual engagement at your event by providing attendees with the tools to create their own personalized agenda and ways to connect with their peers.

It is important that attendees don’t feel like another number on the list at your event. Attendees are investing valuable time attending an event so they need to feel special and recognized in the massive crowds. When planning an event make sure to remember to not only cater to the massive groups, but think about how you can make it more personalized to individuals such as considering their interests, demographics, and specialties. Think about customizing your communication utilizing the data you already have on hand. Ask in advance the attendee’s favorite treat they like to have handy while traveling and then have it ready in their rooms upon hotel check-in. There are many creative ways to make your guests feel more at home at your event offering a more customized experience. Overall if the attendee feels like they have a more personalized experience, they will never forget the impact of the event.

Mobile Apps
Mobile apps are a great way to engage your attendees with many absorbing features and communication tools. Almost all events offer some type of mobile app today, but the ones that continue to stand out are the apps that offer full engagement features such as gamification, activity and photo feeds, social media contribution, networking and many other enriching capabilities to connect with other attendees at an event.

The great thing about surveys and polls is that the majority of mobile apps already offer this feature and you will not have to outsource to another provider. Encourage your speakers to poll the audience- not all questions need to be about the content itself but they can utilize it as the feature as an ice breaker or attention-grabber. Not only are surveys and polls a great way to engage your attendees, they capture valuable data to help plan future events.





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